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X Gal 1 g




Purity > 99.0 %

Molecular Biology Grade

  CAS Number:
  Chemical Formula:
  Molecular Weight:
  408.63 g/mol


The substrate X-gal is metabolized by the enzyme β-galactosidase into an insoluble blue precipitate.

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Protocols Using X-Gal:

How to make a 20 mg/ml X-Gal Stock Solution

1. Weigh 200 mg of X-Gal into a 15 ml polypropylene centrifuge tube.
2. Add 10 mL of Dimethylformamide (DMF). Vortex to dissolve the X-Gal. 
3. Store at -20°C. Wrap the centrifuge tube in aluminum foil to protect from light.

Note: The X-Gal solution is stable for 6-12 months unless improperly handled. We recommend making 1 ml aliquot portions of the solution to minimize degradation if there will be frequent small scale use of the X-Gal solution.

Blue/White Screening of Bacterial Colonies X-Gal/IPTG Plates

View this method on protocols.io and use it directly at your bench

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