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Avoiding Common Mistakes in SDS-PAGE
I’ve seen more than a few bad gels in my time and came across this recently published paper, “Common Artifacts and Mistakes Made in Electrophoresis” by Biji and Hal that is quite helpful. Suggestions include: Heat samples as soon as they are prepared.  Some proteases can remain active in the presence of SDS cutting your precious into [...]

Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting
The 42nd Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting (MAMCM) will be held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, from May 31st through June 2nd, 2012. There is no registration fee. The MAMCM serves as a platform for the presentation of the latest research results and technical advances, and as a forum to facilitate discussions amongst [...]

Quartzy Review | Lab Inventory Management
Did someone order more centrifuge tubes? Have they arrived? Are they back ordered? Most labs have a hacked together ordering and management system that is very inefficient. For example, after an item runs out, write it on a whiteboard, every couple of days the order is placed (items are erased, when was the ordered [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun
We had some fun with our recent St. Patrick’s Day newsletter and the response has been great. We’re literally getting replies with thanks, LOLs, etc.. It seems we’re not the only ones having some fun blending St. Patrick’s Day and science. Cheers!

ChemSource the Chemical Concierge App
We’re really excited to launch our mobile application for both the Iphone and Android platforms. The reason we made this application is to save you time by finding deals on research chemicals and products. We aren’t fans of sales reps since it means that the price of products has to be increased to cover their salaries. [...]

Labguru – Scientific Project Management
Recently, Labguru launched as a better way to organize your laboratory projects. Labguru enables you to create research projects, milestones, protocols and experiments, as well as manage your tasks and events in an integrated calendar. It reminds me a bit of 37signals, tweaked toward science, which is certainly a compliment. A nice feature is the ability [...]

Ever wanted a chemical concierge service in your pocket? We’re going after those random sales reps that swing by your office every 3 months and ask you if you need anything. Interested? Sign up for our newsletter for the release.

Cyber Monday Sale
Buying research chemicals and supplies should not be boring. We’re all about having consistently low prices. However, we’ve just been approached by a couple of our suppliers that really want a Cyber Monday Sale! Sign up for our newsletter for a complete list of the sale items. Have an item that you would love to see on [...]

Longest Crystallography Conference Name Ever
69th Annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference / 5th Annual Ohio Valley Crystallography Symposium November 2-4, 2011 Cleveland, Ohio ANY CHARACTER HERE Program topics include both macromolecular and small molecule X-ray diffraction studies, neutron diffraction, and new developments in hardware. Keynote speaker: Janet Smith from the University of Michigan ANY CHARACTER HERE A lot of other great speakers are lined up including: Barnali [...]

Help me, Help you
We’ve been hard at work on various aspects of P212121 one of which is adding products. It isn’t that exciting until you find the product you want at a great price. We realize that most companies have their listings and put out a flyer or newsletter, which can be handy. However, what has [...]

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